Class Descriptions and Level Prerequisites

Intro to Pole

An overview of foundational movements in pole dance. Learn basic moves accessible to all levels of strength and/or flexibility. Gain insight into proper muscle engagement and body connection to build longevity into your pole journey.

Floorwork, Level 1

Learn the ins-and-outs of body mechanics such as hip rotation and active flexibility for beginners. This class will use basic choreography/combos and break it down and answer questions like, "how do I make my leg do that?"

Floorwork, Level 2 & up

Take those foundations from level one and go nuts with variations and a wider range of choreography/combos and floor-based tricks.

Heel Work, Level 1&2

Use simple and fun movement and/or choreography to explore foundations of good heel work such as gliding, pivoting, and pointing your toes.

Heel Work, Level 3&4

Expand on the foundations from level 1&2. Find power in your movement, add intricacy to your flow.

Low Flow and Base Tricks

Don't wanna climb? Now you don't have to! Stay close to the floor with a mash-up of dance and tricks around the base of the pole.

Freestyle Exploration

Be gently guided to push your comfort zone and find creative ways to explore and enjoy pole dance. Explore movement styles, emotional connection, and musicality. This class largely (but not always) centers around freestyle dance and prompts.

Pole-Free Choreo

Branch out, pole dancers! Explore movement and self-expression without the pole. Try what we call "free dancing" but the rest of the world just calls "dancing."


The code name for Power Pole Level 1. Learn the foundations of strength, muscle engagement, and balanced training (a.k.a. train both sides) through the basics of pole such as climbs and spins.

Power Pole

Strength moves all day!

Arm Balancing and Inversions

This all-levels class combines flexibility and conditioning in order to get upside down!  From low arm balances like crow or hurdlers, to inversions like chin stand and handstands, build strength and control on the floor that can be translated to the pole. Or stay on the floor! You do you! Enjoy learning variations and progressions and see where it takes you.

Spin Pole Level 1

Stop being afraid of spin pole and make physics your b****. Learn basic principles of spin pole and how to use physics to your advantage. 

Spin Flow

Playtime on spin pole! Flowy combos with no inversions. 

Spin Pole Level 2-4

As we all come back from a long break, we'll keep this class generic for now. Down the line, we'd like to split it into "Spin Pole: Power" and "Spin Pole: Flexy" so as not to alienate anyone. (Find something that works for you and explore what style of tricks your body enjoys!)

Flexibility Level 3&4 prerequisites

This is an intermediate-advanced flexibility class, focusing on building strength and increasing long-term flexibility while also introducing balances and sequences. Prior to this class, students must have right and left splits within a few inches of the floor (they don't have to be all the way down, but close), a bridge pushing up from the floor, and a willingness to try new things safely!

Tricks,  Level 1 prerequisites

Before taking Level 1 Tricks you must be comfortable taking your feet off the ground in some capacity, and properly exacute a pole circle and a pole sit. Prior to meeting these requirements you may take Intro, Fundamentals, Open Level Flexibility, and Floorwork Level 1.

Tricks, Level 2 prerequisites

Before taking Level 2 Tricks, you must be able to demonstrate control in climbs (of any type), fan kicks, stronghold, as well as a basic grasp of physics in spins.

Tricks, Level 3 prerequisites

Prior to taking Level 3 Tricks, you must have some safe, controlled way to get into an inverted-V position whether that be dropping down from a jasmine, standard chopper, shoulder mount, etc. Must be comfortable getting and staying up-side down. You should be able to touch your toes, do a lunge, and extend your shoulders close to 180 degrees so as to avoid injury.

Tricks, Level 4 prerequisites

Instructor approval required.

Listing almost any specific trick will be a gate keeper to someone. Pole is for every body and the owner of The Brass Ring had a full-on fonji before an inside leg hang so we understand that "advanced" needs to be assessed on an individual basis.

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