Current Classes and Descriptions 

Open Practice, IN-STUDIO

75 minutes of self-led practice time with a supervising instructor present. According to current Illinois COVID measures, instructors may answer individual questions but are prohibited from leading formal group activities including warmup. Open Practice is a wonderful opportunity to build/refine your pole skills while staying connected to your community. 

Open Practice for Beginners, IN-STUDIO

For those who had just started their pole journey, this is a special non-intimidating open practice time where you can come work on pole circles and sits with friends also working pole circles and sits. While there is no class structure or group instruction, an instructor will be present to answer individual questions. 

Floor and pole free dance, VIRTUAL

No pole required! Choreography involving floorwork and sometimes being on your feet when we wanna go big.

Flexibility, VIRTUAL

Open level, no pole required

Tricks 1&2, VIRTUAL

Pole tricks and combos which may require ability to get both feet off the ground.

Tricks 2&3, VIRTUAL

Pole tricks which may require comfort maintaining an upside-down position on the pole. 

Arm Balancing, VIRTUAL 

No pole required. This all-levels class combines flexibility and conditioning in order to get upside down!  From low arm balances like crow or hurdlers, to inversions like chin stand and handstands, build strength, balance, and control on the floor.

Floorwork, VIRTUAL

No pole required. Choreography inviting you to roll around, hump the floor, do cool things with your legs.

Tricks for Low ceilings, VIRTUAL

No space? No problem! Get creative with your crammed home pole setup and make the most of the space you have. Also appropriate for people who do have a spacious pole room. Pole required.


Pole suggested but not required. Choreography centered around flowy, grounded movements on and off the pole. 

Pole Choreo, VIRTUAL

Get your dance on! Pole required. 

Fuck yo couch, VIRTUAL 

Absolutely no pole required. An open level furniture-based movement class. Will probably get a bit crass by design.

Pole Fundamentals, VIRTUAL

Pole required. Refine and get stronger at your basic skills! Spins, climbs, strength building, beginner-level tricks, maybe a bit of low flow.

Spin Flow, VIRTUAL

Dance on spin! Flowy choreography with no inverts required. Pole with a spin setting required. 

Pole Conditioning, VIRTUAL

Work hard, get jacked, train both sides! Build strength and endurance that will carry over into all your poling as well as life. Carry more grocery bags! Open more jars!

Restorative Move & Stretch, VIRTUAL

Noodle around and lengthen yourself in ways that feel restorative! Not everything has to be hardcore, pole dancers.

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