The Brass Ring is a pole dance studio located in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. We recognize the incredible potential of dance to connect people of different backgrounds, and as such will strive tirelessly to foster these connections. The Brass Ring is committed to maintaining a diverse staff and initiating difficult conversations. We believe in humility, forgiveness, second chances. We believe in the power of education, genuine human connection, and respectful dialog.


We also believe that open-minded individuals hold a critical role in healing society. We provide the opportunity for students to explore a broad range of movement and creative expression under the beautiful umbrella of pole dance. Giving students a space to play and explore promotes self-appreciation, joy, and creative thinking.

Using pole as a unifying point of reference, our goal is to expand hearts and minds, and facilitate greater human connection.


In addition, we will provide the highest possible level of technical instruction. Owned by a long-time pole dancer and Licensed Massage Therapist, The Brass Ring does not mess around with technique and body mechanics.


2539 W. North Ave.

Chicago, IL 60622

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2539 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
**please allow 24 hours for email replies**
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6 hour cancellation policy.