The phrase "grab the brass ring" originally means to reach out from a moving carousel to grab the prize. It is a challenge undertaken at the spur of the moment with a sense of excitement and childhood wonder. In idiom form, the phrase denotes living to the fullest, taking a risk, a leap of faith, seizing an opportunity. No guts, no glory. 

The Brass Ring Chicago is a pole dance studio focused on inclusivity and accessibility. We cultivate the love and community which makes it easy to come in and give this a try. 

We know that body shape does not determine one's ability to dance and express. There is no weight limit and there is no necessary weight to "achieve" before you start pole.

Representation is important for countless reasons. We cherish our diverse staff and will continue to strive towards continued and better representation over time. 

The modern pole industry owes its entire existence to strippers. So of course we love strippers! And all sex workers! Thanks for paving the way. 

All our friends are queer! Gay, bi, pan, ace, trans, non-binary, intersex, people who have no idea what they are... all here in the house! 

So come join us! Grab the brass ring. 


2539 W. North Ave.

Chicago, IL 60622

**please allow 24 hours for email replies**

2539 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
**please allow 24 hours for email replies**
All purchases are non refundable and expire 30 days from date of purchase.
6 hour cancellation policy.