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Pole & DANCE

The Brass Ring Chicago is a pole dance studio focused on inclusivity and accessibility, as well as a high level of technical instruction. We are now a part of the Pole Icons Dance Studio and as such all bookings will go through the Pole Icons App.  We cultivate community, strive towards ever-increasing diversity, recognize our own imperfections and hold a perpetual willingness to learn and improve.

We cherish our diverse staff and strive towards continued/improved representation. Representation is crucial if we want to illustrate the idea that pole is for every body. 

We're all queer here! Gender is dead, sexuality is a spectrum, rigid categories are harmful to individual mental health. We represent and love all our friends: gay, bi, pan, intersex, trans, non-binary, ace, people who have no idea what they are, and people who defy labels completely. 

There is no weight limit and there is no weight you need to "attain" before you can start pole. Come as you are. Your body shape does not determine health, worth, or ability to dance. 

Pole dance comes from strippers. Thank you strippers and sex workers for giving us this gift of joy! You have improved our lives and we love you! 


2511 W. North Ave.

Chicago, IL 60622


**please allow 24 hours for email replies**

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