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Sunny Chan


Sunny is a social research professional by day, pole dancer and throwbacks-jam enthusiast by night. She has two cats named Mulder and Skully. Sunny is known for fluid movement, inclusive teaching practices, that one time she performed in a pizza onsie, and epic playlists. 


Auriel Davis

Party Coordinator, Instructor, BTS army member

Pomeranian mother and jack-of-all trades pole dancer, Auriel specializes particularly in spin pole, heels choreography, and all things #BTSarmy. Her favorite BTS member is Taehyung. Auriel performs regulary throughout the Chicago area and when not poling, she can be found gaming or gettin' shit done with her unparalleled administrative and organizational skills. 

Photo by Ellen Beard


Mala Mía

Instructor/ Studio Manager

Mala Mía (she/her) came out of the womb dancing and shaking her ass. She started her dance training in Puerto Rico, where she was born and raised, and moved to Chicago in 2014 to study Dance and Sociology. Although she has been dancing her whole life, her pole journey started in 2020 as a result of quarantine. Yariana fell completely in love with pole instantly and is extremely excited to start her journey as a pole instructor. Most importantly, Yariana is a mighty activist that will always advocate for self-love, body inclusivity, and sexual liberation through her dancing and her classes.

Mala Mía (Ella) salió de la barriga de su madre bailando. Ella comenzó su entrenamiento de baile en Puerto Rico, donde nació y se crío, y se mudo a Chicago en el 2014 para estudiar Baile y Sociología. Aunque Yariana a bailando toda su vida, su experiencia con “pole dancing” empezó en el 2020 como resultado de la cuarentena. Yariana se enamoró de “pole dance” instantáneamente y está extremadamente emocionada de empezar su jornada como maestra de “pole”. Pero lo más importante es que Yariana es una activista que siempre va a luchar por el amor propio, la inclusividad de diferentes tipos de cuerpos y la liberación sexual.


Dahlia Fatale


Dahlia Fatale (she/her) is an award winning, internationally traveling contortionist and burlesque performer. As an instructor, Dahlia brings a unique perspective built on years of movement study, as well as circus training and anatomy education (yes, she's touched muscles from the inside too!). Dahlia strives to teach techniques that are fun, interesting, and sustainable as bodies change over time. She loves helping students do the things they "never thought they could do." 




Liora is the poler who has it all: strength, flexibility, grace, versatility, and the onstage ability to rip your heart out, keep it sexy, or make it real weird. She has been teaching pole since 2015 and specializes in spinning pole, musicality and theatricality, and challenging the limits of what one should realistically be able to accomplish with an elbow grip. She has taught all levels of pole tricks, spinning pole, beginning lyra, and flexibility. Liora is excited to provide students with the opportunity to discover their own joy in the wide world of pole dance, whatever that may look like. She is also here to talk about dogs, pet dogs, and see pictures of your dogs. 



Instructor, A+ Asian

Jinghan found her love for dance as an adult and is excited to share her passion with you. She is a pole nerd, a ballet nerd, a podcast junkie and an occasional boardgamer. Jinghan is known for meticulous lesson plans, detailed technical breakdown, and making you train both sides. 

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Mara Goldfine


Mara began yoga her freshman year of college, coinciding with her metal sculpture practice. The two practices complemented each other physically, while resonating deeply intellectually. Mara earned her 200 hours teacher certification at Frog Lotus yoga in Ubud, Bali, finding the beauty of Indonesia a wonderful accompaniment to the intellectual stimulation of a traditional yoga education. Additionally, Mara recently completed a 500 hour teacher training with Andrey Lappa, the founder of Universal Yoga. She has gone on to further her yoga knowledge, expanding it to the therapeutic practices of Thai massage and to the more active practices of AcroYoga. She is excited to expand the American conception of yoga to more exciting and experimental practices.

Mara is currently on track to become a Dr. of Physical Therapy!


Alli Braun


Alli (she/they) found herself googling "pole classes in Chicago" at the end of 2021 in an effort to get swole and sexy.  They immediately fell in love with the colorful queers of The Brass Ring and BLAM--now they're following a passion for helping folks find their "spark" while feeling confident and proud of their bodies. Weirdness is very important to her. Away from The Brass Ring, Alli is an aerial fitness instructor, actor, performer, and a tech-savvy-work-from-home parent to her two fur babies. 

Photo by Zo After Dark 




LeShonne is a teacher by trade and loves helping her students try new things and find joy in the journey. For LeShonne, movement is healing and dance is an act of liberation. She is a Chicago native and proud daughter of the Puerto Rican diaspora. LeShonne is a certified yoga instructor. In her free time, LeShonne enjoys traveling, eating good food, and reading. 

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