Intro to Pole

You MUST take this class prior to any other if you do not have pole experience. This class is an overview of foundational movements in pole dance. Learn basic moves accessible to all levels of strength and/or flexibility. Students should bring water and a small towel to wipe down the pole during class. Shorts may be ideal for some parts of class, but any comfortable workout attire will do. 


THIS IS NOT AN INTRO CLASS. You must have pole experience or take Intro prior to Fundamentals. Learn the foundations of strength, muscle engagement, and balanced training (a.k.a. train both sides) through the basic climbs, spins, and tricks/shapes. 

Spin Pole 

THIS IS NOT AN INTRO CLASS. You must have pole experience OR take Intro and Fundamentals prior to spin.

Learn basic principles of spin pole and make physics your b**** while learning tricks and transitions.

Low Flow Elements

Build a vocabulary for low flow. Learn and drill foundational flow elements (bodywaves, pirouettes, step-arounds, leg waves, etc.). This class will explore dance techniques, variations, and stylizing elements to improve overall flow and fluidity.  All levels. Socks highly recommended. Heels optional. 

Beginner Low Flow & Heel Work 

No prerequisites, beginners welcome. 

This choreography-based class teaches beginner floor and grounded pole dance moves. All levels welcome. Heels are not required, students may dance in heels or socks. Kneepads strongly advised. 


Grounded dance and choreography. May involve any variety of styles including slinky, leg wavey movement, undulations, foundational tricks such as back and forward rolls, and the occasional cathartic thrashing to 90's nostalgia music. Students will need full-coverage clothing, socks or heels, and KNEE PADS ($8 at the front desk). 

Low Flow & Heel work, Level 1&2

Low pole and floor choreography (no climbing required). Low Flow level 1&2 is dance-focused and will include minimal-to-no tricks. Students should wear socks or heels and always bring knee pads. 

Low Flow, Level 3&4

Low pole and floor choreography (no climbing required). Low Flow level 3&4 will include more intricate dance movements and tricks. 

Burlesque Dance

 Learn the art of the tease from the gal who'll blow you away with her Windy Titties, Hot Tawdry.  Open to all levels and all humans. Movement experience a plus, but not necessary.  Open to all levels. 

Arm Balancing 

This all-levels class combines flexibility and conditioning in order to get upside down!  From low arm balances like crow or hurdlers, to inversions like chin stand and handstands, build strength and control on the floor that can be translated to the pole. Or stay on the floor! You do you! Enjoy learning variations and progressions and see where it takes you.

Tricks,  Level 1 prerequisites

Before taking Level 1 Tricks you must be comfortable taking your feet off the ground, and properly execute a pole circle, pole sit, jasmine, and basic climb.  Prior to meeting these requirements you may take Intro, Fundamentals, Open Level Flexibility, and Floorwork Level 1.

Tricks, Level 2 prerequisites

Before taking Level 2 Tricks, you must be able to demonstrate control in your climb, apprentice-syle invert, and should feel like jasmine is life. 

Tricks, Level 3 prerequisites

Prior to taking Level 3 Tricks, you must have some safe, controlled way to get into an inverted-V position. Must be comfortable getting and staying up-side down. You should be able to touch your toes, do a deep lunge, and extend your shoulders close to 180 degrees so as to avoid injury.