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Intro to Pole

Prerequisites: None

You MUST take this class prior to any other if you do not have pole experience. This class is an overview of foundational movements in pole dance. Learn basic moves accessible to all levels of strength and/or flexibility. Students should bring water and a small towel to wipe down the pole during class. Shorts may be ideal for some parts of class, but any comfortable workout attire will do. 

Choreography for Beginners (aka "Dance for Baby Deer")

Prerequisites: Intro to Pole, willingness to get weird

Description: this class is for anyone who wants to learn the bare baby basics of how to dance. We'll combine elements of musicality with some entry-level choreography on static pole to get you feeling more comfortable and confident in your ability to move and groove. Expect across the floor exercises, weird brain games, classic pole jams, connecting with music and with your own body, a little floorwork, and a lot of fun.

Heels: optional but encouraged, definitely bring socks 

Spinal Waves

A special 4-week class through June ONLY. This all-level 4-week series is focused on spinal undulations and body waves. Come learn the foundations of isolation and undulation and get your body waves ooey-gooey.


Prerequisites: None

Class description: Grounded dance and choreography. May involve any variety of styles including slinky, leg wavey movement, undulations, foundational tricks such as back and forward rolls, and the occasional cathartic thrashing to 90's nostalgia music. Students will need full-coverage clothing, socks or heels, and KNEE PADS ($8 at the front desk). 


Prerequisites: None

Class description: This is a stretching class. There is no pole involved, however we strongly recommend supplementing your pole practice with flexibility classes in order to prevent injury and make more pole moves accessible to you. 

Spin Fundamentals


Prerequisites: You have taken Intro to Pole 2-3 times, or you have some previous pole experience. Fundamentals (as opposed to Spin Fundamentals) is also recommended before taking this class. 

Curriculum: This class will cover much of the same things as Fundamentals, except the pole will be spinning. 

Spin Pole 


Prerequisites: You must have pole experience OR you have taken  Spin Fundamentals 2-3 times.

Curriculum: Learn poses, tricks, and transitions on spin pole while making physics your b****.

Heels Choreo


Prerequisites: Intro is required, Fundamentals is suggested 

Class description: Low pole and floor choreography (no climbing required). Heels Choreo is taught in heels, however students may wear heels OR socks. Always use knee pads. 



Prerequisites: You have taken Intro to Pole 2-3 times, or you have some previous pole experience.

Curriculum: This class will cover climbs, sits, jasmine, cradle, and basic elements of dance/low flow. 

Tricks,  Level 1

Prerequisites: Prior to taking level 1, students should have a solid jasmine on both sides, pole sit, be comfortable climbing, and feel like their cradle is coming along nicely.

Curriculum: Tricks level 1 will focus predominantly on tricks that can be done from a jasmine. Students will work on dropping down into a jasmine in the air, as well as refining the cradle and inverting from an apprentice.

Tricks, Level 2

Prerequisites: Prior to taking level 2 students should feel comfortable executing an apprentice invert, and be able to drop down into a jasmine in the air. Students should also feel comfortable in an outside leg hang.

Curriculum: Level 2 will expand on material from Level 1 while adding inside leg hangs, brass monkey leg hooks, and more challenging transitions/combos. Additional styles of inverts may be introduced. 

Tricks, Level 3 prerequisites

Prerequisites: Aerial jasmine, inside and outside leg hangs, brass monkey leg hang. Students should be very comfortable stringing multiple tricks together, and being upside-down in the air. 

Curriculum: Expanding onLevel 2, Level 3 may contain more challenging tricks and transitions as well as additional styles of inverts. The much-coveted ayesha may make an appearance. 

Open Pole/Office Hours

Prerequisites: Pole experience

This is not a class. Open Pole is a time when students may practice elements of pole dance that they have been formally taught in classes. An instructor is available during this time for spots and safety, but will not be leading any warm-up or lesson plan. 

Policies: No trying things off youtube, instagram, or other video platform. Students may not teach or attempt to teach other students. Use a crashmat when possible. 

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