Pricing and Policies 


  • Single drop-in class: $20

  • 5-Class Pack: $85

  • 10-Class Pack: $150

  • 15-Class Pack: $180

All sales final, no refunds.

All class credits expire 30 days from purchase, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Pricing is set by the instructor, but is typically around $75/hour

Private lessons will not be booked online or through the studio, but rather through instructors themselves.

Contact individual instructors to set up private lessons, or with questions


  • No refunds

  • If you cannot make the class you originally signed up for, you may cancel and reschedule online for any class prior to the expiration date of your pass. However, there are no refunds.

  • You must complete a cancelation via MindBody at least 6 hours before class in order to retain the credit. 

  • Late cancellation period is 6 hours. Any class reservation canceled less than 6 hours prior to class will result in loss of class credit. No refunds.

  • No free trial classes

  • All credits expire 30 days from date of purchase WHICH MEANS:

    • All credits expire 30 days after you buy them. 

    • "EXPIRE" means you can't use them after 30 days. 

    • You have 30 days to use an entire pass. 

    • All classes must occur within 30 days from the date you purchased the pass

    • "30 days from purchase" does NOT mean you have 30 days to register. (Example: If a class occurs 40 days from date of purchase, you will not be able to take it even if you want to do the sign-up on the 30th day of your pass.) 

    • Any unused credits will be lost after 30 days.

    • No partial refunds. If you do not use all credits in the 30-day period, the credits are lost and no partial refunds will be given.  

    • All purchases are non-refundable 

  • Class registration opens one month prior to the date of a class.

  • Classes must have a minimum of 3 students in order to run. Classes will be canceled 4 hours prior to their start time if the minimum is not met. 

  • Students must arrive within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of class in order to be allowed to participate in class. Arriving more than 10 minutes late will result in loss of the class credit. No refunds.

  • Please remove all ring, bracelets and watches prior to class. Please keep these items in the cubby with the rest of your belongings. 

  • All genders welcome

  • No weight limit

  • There is no formal age requirement. However, there are also no separate classes for minors, and instructors are not asked to modify their language based on ages present. In other words, there may be some adult language and definitely profanity. For this reason we would typically recommend 15-16 as the youngest age appropriate for the environment.  

  • Bullying will not be tolerated in person or online. Depending on the severity of the situation, bullying behavior may result in permanent dismissal from the studio in order to maintain a safe space for everyone else. 

  • Students are responsible for bringing their own water bottle, yoga mat, and pole towel. These things will be available for purchase at

    • $15 for a yoga mat

    • $3 for a pole towel

    • $1 bottled water 



All students and staff must remain properly masked at all times. Valved or loose-fitting masks are not permitted however medical masks are available for free at the front desk. 

All students must present proof of vaccination (photo is fine) upon arrival. 

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