The Brass Ring pricing and policies 


  • Single drop-in class: $20

  • 5-Class Pack: $85

  • 10-Class Pack: $150

  • 15-Class Pack: $180

All sales final, no refunds.

All class credits expire 30 days from purchase, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Pricing is set by the instructor, but is typically around $75/hour

Private lessons will not be booked online or through the studio, but rather through instructors themselves.

Contact individual instructors to set up private lessons, or with questions


  • No refunds

  • No free trial classes

  • All credits expire 30 days from date or purchase. Any credits unused after the expiration date will be forfeited. 

  • Class registration opens one month prior to the date of a class

  • Late cancellation period is 6 hours. Any class reservation canceled less than 6 hours prior to class will result in loss of class credit. No refunds.

  • Classes must have a minimum of 2 students in order to run. Classes will be canceled 4 hours prior to their start time if the minimum is not met. 

  • Students must arrive within 10 minutes of the scheduled start of class in order to be allowed to participate in class. Arriving more than 10 minutes late will result in loss of the class credit. No refunds.

  • Please remove all ring, bracelets and watches prior to class. Please keep these items in the cubby with the rest of your belongings. 

  • All genders welcome

  • No weight limit

  • Bullying will not be tolerated in person or online.

    • 1st and 2nd incident will result in compassionate conversation

    • After 3rd incident, students will be asked to take a one-week break from the studio, class credits will not be extended for this time

    • 4th incident may result in dismissal from the studio

  • Students are responsible for bringing their own water bottle, yoga mat, and pole towel. These things will be available for purchase at

    • $15 for a yoga mat

    • $3 for a pole towel

    • $1 bottled water 




Note: This plan is designed to support those struggling with covid anxiety through this transition. To those more eager to unmask, thank you so much for your patience as we get there together.

June 21st-July 3rd: In order to allow staff to test the waters, fully vaccinated STAFF ONLY are "mask optional." Students are "mask required." However, if everyone present for a given class is fully vaxxed, the class may collectively decide to unmask.


July 5th on: Fully vaccinated students will also be "mask optional." Anyone not fully vaccinated is still required to wear a mask.

A handful of classes will remain "mask required" as a mentally safe space to those who prefer it. Tentative list of lingering masked classes will include: those taught by Molly, Dahlia, and Megan.

Thank you so much for your support, patience, and understanding!

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